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Men's chino trousers beige cotton and elastane Fursac - P3VKIA-VP14-06

Men's Accessories

Since chic is in the details, it’s often necessary to perfect an already well-studied silhouette by adding the crucial, element to make all the difference. Whether it's a pocket square or a men's scarf, Fursac offers a host of pieces that can become the final point of your allure.

While the man’s accessory is a detail in itself, it is vital to choose judiciously and to wear it properly so it doesn’t lose its lustre. Your suit’s pocket square can be folded in three ways: as a rectangle to achieve a “clean” edge or with a prominent peak in the style of John F. Kennedy, as well as two or three points for more fantasy. And as with the ties, a box will be given to you for every accessory purchase made in the online store.