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Men Winter parka

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Fursac: a one-of-a-kind wardrobe

The Fursac collection contains everything from staples to standout items, offering a unique vision of the men's French style wardrobe. Bridging modernity and tradition, our creations are designed for all men—regardless of their lifestyle: whether sporty, sophisticated, classic, daring or discreet, the modern Fursac man knows exactly what he wants and is never afraid to be himself. A connoisseur of elegance, he attaches great importance to the design of his clothing, all the while valuing the simplicity of a comfortable, well-thought-out wardrobe. Complete yours with a men's winter parka: casual and chic, this versatile coat lets you flaunt a stylish and assertive look in all circumstances.


The men's winter parka: an easy-to-wear garment

Passion and high standards go into every Fursac men's winter parka. Our men's winter parkas come in a variety of different colors (including beige, black and blue) to cater to every whim and taste. Suitable for everyday wear as well as special occasions, our men's coats go with casual chino trousers, a men's full suit, brown leather Oxford shoes, and all kinds of other items and looks. With or without a hood, our men's coats let you confidently express your own individual style and personality.


The men's winter parka: functional and elegant

More versatile than a trench coat (or classic coat) but thinner than a puffer jacket, the Fursac men's winter parka is a must-have have for cold and unpleasant weather. Designed with water-repellent fabric, this men's long coat will protect you from the cold, wind and rain.

What's more, the Fursac men's winter parka is not only functional, but also sophisticated: made long with a stand-up collar, this waterproof jacket provides for a distinctive touch of elegance. 


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