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Men's suit jackets by Fursac


For a festive evening or an important date, the men's suit jacket by Fursac never disappoints. Morning or evening, it is easy to slip on and off to enhance every figure: a must-have in a man's wardrobe. 


How to match your men's suit jacket?

Although it is often associated with suit pants, the men's suit jacket is not reserved only for formal events: it is an invitation to break the mold and assert your own style. Even when matched with a more casual outfit, such as chinos or corduroy pants, the men's suit jacket maintains its own style. Simple but elegant, it fits in all circumstances. Choose a suit jacket of the same color as your pants for a more classic look or opt for a mismatched jacket for a more casual look. And why not a striped men's jacket?
 Fursac offers you many models and colors to suit each of your desires.


How to choose your men's suit jacket?

A symbol of refinement, the men's suit jacket must be worn according to the rules of the art. Make sure it fits the shape of your shoulders without being too tight and that it does not go lower than the buttocks, for an item moves comfortably with your body. You may also align the collar of your jacket with that of your shirt and show your shirt sleeves a bit: your look will then be perfect.


Fursac know-how: where modern meets vintage

Men's jackets by Fursac don't go out of style. Thanks to their contemporary cut and quality fabrics, their authenticity is second to none. Both simple and daring, they are a reflection of today's men. 

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