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The men's black jumper: a wardrobe staple

Every Fursac man has a favorite black jumper. Classic and easy to match, a black jumper is perfect for any occasion. It can be worn over a men's shirt or a basic T-shirt for holidays, business meetings or everyday events.


Fursac men's black jumpers: made with premium materials

Known for its high-quality garments, Fursac is especially demanding when it comes to its fabrics. Thin, soft and supple, merino wool is a material of choice for our men's mid-season jumpers. Cashmere, on the other hand, is a must-have for men's jumpers in the winter. Designed with a round or roll neck, our men's cashmere jumpers will keep you warm in even the harshest weather.


The excellence of Fursac

Founded in Paris in 1973, Fursac captures the essence of the French man's wardrobe. The brand is made unique by its bold creativity and technical precision, which allow it to create timeless, original and sought-after pieces. Designed to be worn again and again then passed down to future generations, these pieces are developed in partnership with the finest Italian drapers. Whether trousers, suits or men's black jumpers, each of our creations incorporates attention to detail and minimalist elegance, resulting in a simple yet sophisticated wardrobe inspired by the past but always in line with the present and future. 


Take the time to discover all the items in our e-shop and stores. Our men's jumpers come in a variety of colors, including grey, blue, brown and beige. Ask our team to help you find the right jumper for you.