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Wedding outfit: everything to know

Wedding outfit: everything to know - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
If there is one day when it is important not to make a mistake in your style, it is your wedding day. Whether you are passionate about clothing or, on the contrary, unfamiliar with the etiquette of the men's wardrobe, each item sends a message that is important to master. 

Adhering to the classics is always a good way to avoid mistakes... without preventing yourself from breaking the rules, provided of course that you have the rules in mind. 
Choosing the right clothing item

• Suit or Tuxedo, it is a matter of taste! Note, however, that the pocket handkerchief is only worn after 6 p.m., as is the tuxedo, an evening clothing item.

•  In theory, the lapels of the jacket should be matched with your build: the slimmer you are, the slimmer the lapels should be, and vice versa. 

• Avoid wearing a belt that weighs down your outfit and cuts your figure in half. On the contrary, prefer the practicality and chic of adjustable tightening tabs.

• If you choose to wear a bow tie, two options are available to you. If it accompanies a suit, always choose a shirt with a hidden placket. If it is a tuxedo, several choices are possible, from hidden-placket shirts to shirts with a wing collar and hidden placket, as well as those with jewelry buttons.

• Cufflinks are always a good option. Make sure your shirt has French or mixed cuffs (cuffs with buttonholes on both sides).

• Pair your socks with your shoes. Without necessarily going tone-on-tone, but always in harmony with the shoes rather than the pants. 

• Any doubts? The ultimate standard: navy suit and white shirt.

• The main thing is to find the perfect look to stay elegant from morning till end of night.

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Pay close attention to the details

• Do not neglect the length of the pants. The pants can fall on the ankles without breaking, or slightly break on them. Remember that you will spend a lot of time sitting down and that nothing is less aesthetically pleasing than pants riding up to mid-calf in photos! So test the standing and sitting length before making your decision, and most importantly, avoid the corkscrew effect of pants that are too long.

• To ensure the ideal sleeve length, here is a simple test: with your arms stretched alongside your body, raise your thumbs parallel to the ground. The sleeves must then touch the top of your hands without breaking.

• The cuffs of the shirt should extend 1 cm – no more, no less – from the bottom of the jacket sleeves. 

• Pay attention to the width at the calves so that the pants fall on their own without getting stuck at the calves or on the socks.

• Choose socks that go up to the knees so as never to reveal any part of your calves

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The Big Day: Final touches

• Standing, the suit should be worn closed, without ever buttoning the last button (bottom button). Sitting down, it should be worn open. 

• The collar of the shirt should be tucked under the jacket once you put on a tie so that the corners of the shirt collar are never visible – unless, of course, you opt for a creative collar!

• Choose a simple "four in hand" tie knot.

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