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Men's navy blue jacket Fursac - M3DLAN-DM08-D030

Men's Suits and Waistcoats

As the elegant man’s closest ally, the Fursac’s suits sharpen your silhouette with style and precision

To highlight your silhouette, be sure to choose the right size of jacket and trousers. So the first should fall just without crippling you, hug your shoulders without contradicting them, and pinch your waist without straining it. The back vents should also be closed when standing. In short, it is about seeking elegance while avoiding discomfort.

The trousers of a Fursac men's suit, on the other hand, can be lengthened or shortened depending on your leg length and your tastes. Thus, some like short trousers, which reveal the malleolus, while others prefer to see the bottom of their costume breaking on their shoes.

So choose a navy blue men's suit with discreet designs or a charcoal grey suit for an office look, and don't hesitate to pair them with a shirt, polo shirt or a judicious piece of knitwear.

On a special occasion, opt for a three-piece suit, complemented by a nice accessory, such as a bow tie or a silk pocket square.