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Men's polo shirt blue organic cotton piqué Fursac - J2DLUM-DJ22-D033

Men's sweaters

To stay chic in the frost, wearing a quality men's sweater is essential. The choice is yours, a piece of knitwear with a round neck, turtleneck or polo neck. In terms of materials, you will find Fursac sweaters in wool and cashmere, merino wool or cotton within the collection.

For a man's sweater, the choice of a very fine knit such as merino wool is ideal under a suit, while a chunky ribbed sweater will be preferred to get through winter in a way that is as elegant as it is informal. Moreover, know how to evaluate the fineness of a stitch based on its gauge, a unit of measurement that allows you to calculate the number of stitches and rows knitted over 38 mm (i.e. an inch and a half). The higher this number, the finer the wool, the gauges generally varying between 3 and 18.