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Evening - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
A drinks party, a night out or a first date all cut different ways.
Mens suit and clothing - Fursac For a first date

For a first date

Set yourself up to feel confident. Avoid new clothes that you are not used to wearing. Don’t wear a suit either. Or a tie for that matter. A (nice) pair of jeans, a pair of cords in the winter or chinos in summer. A shirt is always a good idea but if you feel better in a T-shirt, why not? Pick a good jumper, or jacket to keep your armpits out of sight. The traitors. And don’t forget to smile.

A night out advice: Fursac mens suit and clothing

A night out


It’s night. Time to mix, sip and have a good time. And dance. Dancing requires comfort. Dress with panache, but don’t let it become the talking point.  

Wear a pair of dark trousers to offset that colourful jacket you love so much and wear so well. A pair of suede calk-skin shoes or perhaps those brilliant white tennis shoes? Finally, open a second shirt button and you’re good to go.

Fursac mens clothing - Special occasions advice

Special occasions

To go up in the world, waltz with royalty for example, you must first closely examine the invitation.

Does it say “black tie”? Wear a tuxedo. Black or midnight blue, satin-faced shawl lapel, white bibbed shirt, bowtie, satin trimmed trousers, silk socks and patent shoes. There’s no room to improvise.

If it’s written “white tie”, you’re going to have to go further still. Coat tails, a white bowtie, a top hat even. The only question you should ask yourself is what you’re doing in such a place.

Intention and spontaneity - Mens suits and clothes De Fursac
Intention and spontaneity
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